Road Saw Safety 101

Posted on: 22 February 2018

Like all Husqvarna construction products, Husqvarna road saws are designed to be powerful. But with great power comes great responsibility, and when cutting through tough materials like concrete, asphalt and masonry, safety is key.

Follow these basic steps to keep safe when using your road saw.

Maintain your gear

First, simply reading your instruction manual, maintaining all blades and safety guards and making sure you have the right blade with your saw will go a long way towards securing your safety.

Use protective equipment

Next, safety gear including ear and eye protection are crucial when cutting into hard surfaces, and when cutting dry concrete a respirator is also important to protect your lungs from damage.

Safe blade use

Road saws are powerful beasts, and when using them even a small mistake can lead to disaster. Husqvarna employ diamond blades to enable the sharpest cutting devices on all models, from small electric machines to diesel monsters.

Because cutting materials as tough as concrete can damage your blade, it's imperative you inspect your blades regularly for cracks and other damage. The fast rotation of road saw blades creates large amounts of heat, and if you start work with damaged blades you may be injured as hot pieces of steel are thrown from the machine. If it looks like a blade has overheated or been damaged, replace it before you proceed.

Containing silica dust

Cutting concrete can cause very fine silica dust to enter the air around you, and this can be dangerous if it is inhaled into your lungs. Lung diseases such as silicosis claim the lives of Australian construction workers every year, and protecting yourself from silica dust is vital in maintaining your safety on the job. Silica should be kept on the ground, if at all possible, and respirators must be worn to keep you safe when it becomes airborne.

Stopping Kickback

When a saw leaps back towards you, that is known as kickback. There are obvious dangers involved with kickback, and ensuring the blade has reached top speed before resuming an existing cut is important in protecting yourself from injury.

Avoiding Lock In

When a workpiece moves during cutting, this is termed lock in. Secure clamping is important to avoid injuries related to lockin, so the things you cut stay put.

By taking a few basic steps to ensure your safety you can unleash the full power of your road saw with peace of mind. So take charge of your destiny and you'll be enjoying your Husqvarna construction products for many years to come.