• Advantages of Perspex

    Perspex, also known as acrylic, is a thermoplastic used as an alternative to glass for its property of being shatter-resistant. Perspex sheets are used in a multitude of applications for their favourable properties. These applications include skylights/daylights, residential and commercial aquariums, roofing and more. Here are some reasons for choosing perspex over other materials such as glass: Scratch-resistant in comparison to other plastics- Each perspex sheet is coated with a specially formulated scratch-resistant substance.
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  • Essential Factors to Consider When Buying a Ute Tray for Your Mobile Plumbing Business

    According to recent reports, plumbing is one of the most lucrative trades in Australia. Therefore, if you are already running a plumbing business, then it is prudent to consider introducing mobile plumbing services to maximise profits. Notably, investing in a Ute will help you to get started. However, with many Ute tray manufacturers in the market, it can be challenging to find a try that meets your specific requirements. If you find yourself struggling when shopping for a Ute tray, then this article will come in handy by highlighting essential factors to consider when buying a Ute tray for your mobile plumbing business.
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