Why You Should Use Structural Steel for Your Warehouse

Posted on: 28 July 2017

Are you wondering about which material you should select when you are building your new warehouse? Read on and discover some of the key reasons why structural steel would be a good choice for you.

Safe and Resistant

Structural steel is a safe material to use because it will not be affected by many of the factors that degrade other materials. For example, termites and fungi can destroy wood. Structural steel will remain strong even if those insects and microbes are present. Structural steel also offers a high degree of fire resistance when it is compared to other materials. 

Ease of Installation

Engineers can design your structural steel building so that the different components can be fabricated in a highly-controlled environment. Those fabricated sections can then be transported to the installation site so that the building can be erected quickly. This is unlike other materials, such as site-poured concrete, which may require a lot of time to complete. Structural steel allows you to start using your building sooner.

Versatile and Customisable

Structural steel's superior strength to weight ratio reduces the need for an extensive support structure. Consequently, you will be able to maximise the use of your warehouse because there will be little to block your use of the vertical space near the roof. The building can also be adjusted later on without any major changes to the structural steel used. For example, other structural steel members can simply be welded onto the existing ones in order to expand the available space.


Structural steel is largely affordable due to its sustainability. Structural steel doesn't require as much maintenance as other materials do. For instance, a coat of paint may be sufficient to protect it from corrosion for several years in case your warehouse isn't in a harsh environment (coastal areas, for example). Secondly, structural steel can be recycled easily into new components once the current structures reach the end of their service life. Selecting this material will therefore be a big step towards conserving the environment.

Structural steel can be put to numerous uses during your project. However, you need to select the best structural steel fabricators so that every piece of this metal that goes onto your warehouse is specially selected and designed to serve its intended purpose. Discuss your needs with a structural engineer so that he or she can recommend the components that should be fabricated from structural steel. You will then enjoy all the benefits discussed above