Septic Tank Failure: Understanding the Common Problems and Solutions

Posted on: 12 February 2018

The failure of your septic system can cause numerous problems in your home. For instance, the untreated effluent could be released in your property, which can cause the infection of people and animals. Also, the sewage could pollute the surrounding environment, and the effect of the contamination could be long-lasting. Therefore, you must perform regular maintenance to prevent the development of problems in your septic tank system. In addition, you should perform inspections so that you can identify malfunctions and resolve them early. Here are the common issues that you should watch out for and possible solutions.

Clogging of Drainage Pipes

The pipes that are designed to move water from your home to the septic tank can become clogged. This problem can cause the contamination of your home and unexpected inconveniences. Fortunately, the problem can be resolved using simple plumbing tools. You can use a snake to clear out the specific drain line which is not allowing water or waste to flow out. If you cannot resolve the issue, you can call a professional to help in unclogging the pipe. You should not use chemicals for this process. The introduction of harsh compounds into the tank could interfere with the activity of the bacteria. Remember, you can prevent recurrent blocking of the pipes by watching what goes down your drains.

Blockage of Tank Outlet Pipes

The pipes that are installed to allow the flow of treated effluent from the septic tank to the drain field can become blocked by waste. This blockage can be highly detrimental because wastewater will keep building up in the container without an outlet. The result could be the backing up of wastewater into your home, since there will be no other route for flow. Typically, the blockage of these pipes indicates that solids might have entered into the pipe. Ideally, only liquid effluent should flow out. Solids should settle at the bottom of the tank. In most cases, this issue results from the excess flow of water into the tank, preventing the effective breakdown of solids. You can prevent the problem by using less water and installing an effluent filter.

Saturated Drain Field

Your drain field can fail due to saturation. If this happens, you will notice that the land above and around the drain field will be always wet and soggy. Moreover, there may be odours and bright grass in the affected area. If the feature becomes completely saturated, sewage might back up in your home. Therefore, you should hire a professional for drain field rehabilitation or replacement.