Two reasons why industrial manufacturers should fit PVC swing doors in their facilities

Posted on: 22 March 2018

There are several reasons why industrial manufacturers should consider fitting PVC swing doors in their facilities. Read on to find out what these reasons are. 

They can minimise the risk of pest infestations

If a facility has doors which do not swing shut of their own accord, but which instead need to be manually closed by employees, there is a significant risk that the facility may end up infested with pests (such as mice, rats or cockroaches).

The reason for this is that employees who are distracted or in a rush to get somewhere are likely to forget to fully shut these doors. Leaving these doors open for significant periods of time could result in pests being able to gain entry to the facility.

If the building contains consumable goods (for example, if it is a food manufacturing facility), any rodents which enter through these open doors will probably end up creating a nest and breeding inside the facility, as these creatures tend to stay close to any food or water sources that they discover.

An infestation of this kind could wreak havoc on an industrial manufacturing business. It could not only endanger the health of the people who work in the building (as the droppings of rodents often contain dangerous pathogens) but could also lead to the destruction of the facility's products and equipment.

Rats, for example, could not only contaminate a facility's consumable products but could also cause damage to its electrical machinery by gnawing on wires and other important components.

However, if the owner of a manufacturing facility replaces their standard manual doors with PVC swing doors, they don't have to worry about the terrible potential consequences of employees forgetting to shut doors when they walk through them, as swing doors will simply close of their own accord, and will thus help to keep pests out of the building.

They can help to maintain consistent, comfortable temperatures inside the facility

Virtually all industrial manufacturing facilities have HVAC systems, which are used to ensure that the temperatures inside their buildings remain cool during the hot seasons and warm during the chillier months of the year.

Maintaining an appropriate room temperature in a facility is extremely important, as it ensures that employees feel comfortable and remain productive throughout the course of their workdays.

As mentioned above, in facilities which have doors that need to be manually shut, there is a chance that employees may sometimes accidentally leave these doors open.

This could have a significant impact on a facility's internal temperatures, as it could lead to the cooled or warmed air produced by the HVAC system escaping through the open door.

This could make the facility uncomfortably warm or dangerously cold, depending on what time of year it is. This, in turn, could affect the employees' ability to focus on their work. For example, if the doors are left open on a hot summer's day and the temperatures in the facility start to rise, some staff members may begin to experience heat-induced lethargy and dizziness.

Fitting PVC swing doors in a facility completely eliminates the chances of this happening, as the doors will swing shut after being opened and thus prevent any of the HVAC system's cold or warm air from escaping.