Advantages of Perspex

Posted on: 2 June 2019

Perspex, also known as acrylic, is a thermoplastic used as an alternative to glass for its property of being shatter-resistant. Perspex sheets are used in a multitude of applications for their favourable properties. These applications include skylights/daylights, residential and commercial aquariums, roofing and more. Here are some reasons for choosing perspex over other materials such as glass:

  • Scratch-resistant in comparison to other plastics- Each perspex sheet is coated with a specially formulated scratch-resistant substance. This makes perspex sheets the ideal choice for areas that can become easily scratched, such as windows and screens. 
  • Impact-resistant and lightweight at the same time- Perspex sheets are able to resist impacting much more than glass whilst being half the weight of glass. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where impact resistance is of vital importance. 
  • Much higher optical clarity than glass- This means that it can easily be used in applications where optical clarity is important, such as in windows and covers for car lights.
  • Customisable- This is one of the most favourable properties of perspex. Perspex sheets can be manufactured to all types of specifications, including varying levels of thickness and any colour required. 
  • Completely recyclable- With climate change now becoming a global issue, it is more important than ever for businesses to assess their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Perspex is 100% recyclable offering peace of mind in this aspect.

These properties of perspex allow it to be the first choice of material in a number of industries, these include:

Building and Construction- Perspex is available in a wide range of designs and thicknesses, meaning that it can be used in almost every aspect of business and construction, especially in applications where the material needs to be clear and of high molecular weight.

Displays- The world of advertising widely uses acrylic sheets to display products. Acrylic shelving is becoming increasingly popular as it not only looks attractive but is also affordable at the same time. 

Signs- Signs with lighting require transparent material to display the content. Perspex is an ideal foundational material for signs, as it is not only durable but also offers a high level of optical clarity.

The versatility of perspex makes it a popular choice for the industries discussed above and more. Perspex sheets can be manufactured in any size required, but specific requirements should be discussed with the provider to ensure that the final product meets required specifications.