Three Precautions for Purchasing Industrial PVC Swing Doors

Posted on: 12 April 2021

If you are planning on installing new doors in your commercial or industrial space, you should think about the benefits of PVC swing doors. In general, these doors are favoured for large-scale commercial use because of their suitability in high-traffic environments. Their lightweight nature makes it easy to open and close them without disrupting movement significantly. Moreover, these doors are relatively low-cost products for most businesses. If you are interested in PVC swing doors, consider these basic guidelines for selection.

Consider Traffic Flow

You should evaluate the type of traffic in your commercial or industrial worksite. This factor will determine the intrinsic strength required for the right PVC door. Keep in mind that swing doors are designed to handle impact. In simple terms, when these doors are installed, the users will push the structures using trolleys, carts and even forklifts. This practice promotes efficient movement and time efficiency, but the force can be tough on doors. Therefore, you must match the strength of the door to the conditions it will experience. For example, if your business space will use forklifts and similar equipment, opt for a heavy-duty door with thick PVC panels. If you expect foot traffic and non-motorised equipment, you can choose a light-duty alternative.

Check the Framing

PVC swing doors must have strong frames for supporting the panels. If the frames are not reliable, the door will be susceptible to warping and deformation. As a result, the operation of the swing feature will be compromised. You can avoid problems by choosing a door with steady framing to stabilise the structure. Where possible, you should purchase a door with a steel frame. This material will withstand the stress of constant use. If you are installing the doors in a wet area such as a cold room or freezer, ensure that the steel is coated for protection. Most manufacturers will offer finish options such as hot-dip galvanisation and powder coating for corrosion protection.

Think about Sizing

The size of the PVC swing doors must match the needs of your premises. If the doors do not fit over the entrances perfectly, the performance could be poor. This issue can be problematic for cold areas because the swing doors are also used to ensure isolation and insulation. Keep in mind that there are maximum sizes that are in place for the doors. However, you can choose a single door or double doors for your building. If the opening is too wide, you can opt for the latter for optimal coverage. 

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