Crucial Things You Should Know About Formatubes and their Applications

Posted on: 13 October 2022

Columns are one of the inventions that revolutionized the construction industry. Previously, the only way to build and sustain structures that could bear heavy loads was by designing thick walls to support them. Columns made it possible to have thinner walls and expansive floor space. However, the process still led to contractors spending days creating forms to pour the concrete and create the columns. However, formatubes have eliminated the need for those complex processes. Here is everything you should know about formatubes and their applications. 

Understanding the Design of a Formatubes  

These are cardboard structures that construction engineers design for use as columns. They make it possible to carry out concrete pouring above and below the ground. You can also use them to prevent soil collapse while trying to dig and create supportive infrastructure for the conventional columns. The design has an outer surface made of quality plastic, preventing the tube from suffering weather damage. On the inner surface, there is an oil coating that prevents the concrete from getting stuck on the material. You can order and install them during the construction phase that needs columns. 

Choosing Between Different Types of Tubes

Formatubes come in various shapes and sizes depending on your construction project. The most common ones are rectangular and round tubes. These are excellent when you need to support the regular building type. Tapered formatubes are useful when dealing with a construction design that is a little eccentric. The tapered design needs to be used with consultations from engineers because the top side might be wider than the bottom, which creates a difference in load distribution. Elliptical tubes are another option you can use when you should install oval columns on a structure. 

The Top Benefits of Using Formatubes

Formatubes are great for the environment. Their smooth interior design ensures that you do not pour more concrete than is needed for a project, lowering the amount of wasted construction material. Using the tubes also increases productivity because you do not have to worry about creating wooden columns or other materials. You can set them up within minutes and continue with the construction process. They also save you money and design structures with superior levels of structural integrity.

You should consider investing in formatubes for your next construction project. They will minimise your construction timelines, improve the appearance of the columns and eliminate the need for column refinishing to smoothen the rough edges.