Why consider sandblasting for your next project?

Posted on: 16 August 2017

Are you restoring anything that contains dirty or damaged metal? Are you seeking to make repairs to any material which is in less than pristine condition? Sandblasting is a highly efficient way to treat the surface of metal and make it ready for further use. The sandblast technique involves tiny pieces abrasive material, traditionally sand, being pushed through a blasting nozzle at high speed using compressed air. It can be used to remove traces of rust, mould, fire damage, grease, paint and casting materials from the surface which is subject to the sandblast.

Sandblasting is a quick, simple process for a qualified professional, but a sandblasting machine should not be used by anyone without appropriate training, so talk to a professional sandblasting company before you start.

What does sandblasting do?

Sandblasting results in a smooth, even surface which can be easily painted or treated in any way you desire. Sandblasting is not just good at removing contaminants or debris from your material. Often it can be used to help you achieve your desired surface effect on whatever material you are working with.

How is sandblasting used?

Surface profiling is one example of a technique for which sandblasting is ideally suited. There are some occasions that a metal object requires its surface to be profiled before another coating is applied. Sandblasting is an efficient method of creating the desired profile, and getting it ready for the next coating.

Polishing surfaces and tools is another great way that the sandblast method can be used. Sandblasting is a low cost and highly effective way to improve the exterior of a property. It can even be used to polish any rusty tools or equipment you may have laying around. Rust and surface contaminants are removed quickly, leaving a polished surface that looks as good as new.

What other materials can be sandblasted?

It is not just metals that can be sandblasted. By adapting the technique and choosing the right abrasive material to blast, you can achieve a wide variety of effects on your chosen surface, and even blast delicate materials without damaging them.

Sandblasting is a great choice for your next project, whether you want to remove rust or soot, or to profile a surface prior to painting. Talk to a sandblasting professional today about ways sandblasting can help to make your project easier and more cost efficient. A sandblasting expert will know exactly the right technique to achieve the effect you need, whatever material you are working on.