Four Essential Safety Accessories for Arc Welders

Posted on: 11 September 2017

The arc welding industry provides employment to a large number of workers in Australia and the rest of the world. Some of these workers keep jobs in the factories that manufacture arc welding equipment and accessories. Others work in logistics, sales, management and other areas.

Arc welding is a common welding method used by amateurs and professionals alike in the automotive industry, factories, construction sites and among DIY enthusiasts. It exposes the practitioner to several safety and health issues comprising, among others, toxic vapours, electric shock and blinding light. Besides the hard-to-omit safety goggles worn to protect eyes, here are other accessories you should not leave behind. 

Shoes Instead of just plain shoes, wear boots to work as they cover and protect your ankles and lower shins as well. Choose boots with thick, pliable rubber soles for a good grip on floors. Rubber will additionally protect you from shocks and electrocution if you step on exposed, live power wires. The upper body is preferably made of leather as it is both fireproof and durable. Ensure to have steel toe caps built in your boots to protect your toes from being crushed by heavy falling metallic objects.

Gas Masks The toxic volatile components of welding rods and the works surface being welded will vaporise on heating. Although the harm resulting from inhaling those fumes may not manifest immediately, wear a gas mask to ward off future health complications of the lung, kidney and nervous system. A gas mask will also shield much of the skin your lower face from fiery sparks.

Coveralls Welding sites are characterised by dust, spills and staining substances in addition to the characteristic flying sparks. Wear coverall as it will protect your clothes from burn holes and discolouration. With a coverall, every part of your skin is insulated from contact with hot work surfaces and live electric conductors.  When constrained to work in close proximity to equipment with moving parts, loose parts of your clothing like shirt tails and belt-ends can get caught and pull you to harm. Coveralls will neatly secure your clothing and avert such accidents. The ideal coverall for welding should be one made of fire retardant canvass. 

Gloves Your hands will occasionally come into accidental contact with hot weld and exposed live electrical conductors, giving you uncomfortable burns and shocks.  Get yourself a sturdy pair of leather gloves to counter this menace.  They will also protect your from lacerations.

Proper utilisation of these accessories will enhance your personal safety.