Reclaimed Timber: Three Crucial Considerations for Construction Material Selection

Posted on: 27 October 2017

If you are planning on building a wooden structure, you should think about using reclaimed or recycled timber for the project. This choice is eco-friendly because it reduced the demand on forests for virgin wood. Also, reclaimed wood has unique aesthetic appeal. In simple terms, you will find diverse materials from old trees, and their appearance cannot be replicated. Additionally, you will discover that recycled lumber is cheaper than new alternatives.
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How to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

Posted on: 18 October 2017

If your energy bills are higher than those of your neighbours, the problem could be as close as your kitchen. An inefficient refrigerator can cause your energy bills to spike, and that could be costing you money every month. You do not have to buy a new energy-efficient refrigerator to save money, although that is certainly a viable option. Energy-efficient appliances can pay for themselves over the years, but sometimes a new purchase is simply not in the budget.
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Four Essential Safety Accessories for Arc Welders

Posted on: 11 September 2017

The arc welding industry provides employment to a large number of workers in Australia and the rest of the world. Some of these workers keep jobs in the factories that manufacture arc welding equipment and accessories. Others work in logistics, sales, management and other areas. Arc welding is a common welding method used by amateurs and professionals alike in the automotive industry, factories, construction sites and among DIY enthusiasts. It exposes the practitioner to several safety and health issues comprising, among others, toxic vapours, electric shock and blinding light.
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Why consider sandblasting for your next project?

Posted on: 16 August 2017

Are you restoring anything that contains dirty or damaged metal? Are you seeking to make repairs to any material which is in less than pristine condition? Sandblasting is a highly efficient way to treat the surface of metal and make it ready for further use. The sandblast technique involves tiny pieces abrasive material, traditionally sand, being pushed through a blasting nozzle at high speed using compressed air. It can be used to remove traces of rust, mould, fire damage, grease, paint and casting materials from the surface which is subject to the sandblast.
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